10 Things NOT To Do at a Wedding



Weddings can induce some crazy behavior. Emotions are high, families are thrown together, and everyone must conform to a tight schedule, not to mention the shenanigans that ensue when there’s an open bar involved.

Sarah Pease, a well-known New York City proposal planner, has been planning weddings since 2008 with her company Brilliant Event Planning. She’s seen everything from the “bridezilla” stressing about every detail to guests showing up in white — a major faux pas.

Pease shared a list of 10 ultimate wedding guest “don’ts” with Business Insider.

Don’t deviate from a schedule

“It’s not a very sexy idea, but planning can really impact your day and the happiness of everyone there,” Pease said. “If you’ve got to be at the church by 6 p.m., the bride has to leave the hotel by 4:30 because it will take her a half-hour to get into her dress. The hair and make-up people need to know that everyone has to be done by 4:45 so they can help the bride get into her dress. And so on.

“If you’re helping or attending, stick to the timeline so the bride only has to worry about her schedule.”

Don’t wing a wedding speech

“People who say they’re just going to wing it crash and burn every time,” she said. “You wouldn’t show up to a half-marathon without training, so don’t show up to the wedding without a prepared speech.”

“And keep it short,” Pease added. “A five-minute speech is long. Hit three general ideas. Don’t ramble. In my experience, you’ll get on a tangent and then start talking about something uncomfortable.”

Don’t wear anything resembling white if you’re not the bride

“The bride should be the only person wearing white,” Pease said. “There’s always at least one person, man or woman, who shows up to the wedding as a guest wearing white or a color too close to white.”

Don’t stiff the bartender

“You should still tip the bartender even at an open bar because they’re making your drink right there,” she said. “It’s a nice service and they’re there for a long time.”

Don’t get drunk

“This is really up to each person, but there’s this idea of ‘wedding drunk’ that I find useful,” she said. “Basically, don’t become a hassle for the bride and groom.”

Don’t complain about the food

Wedding food is notoriously bad, but Pease advises sucking it up. “The rule of thumb is, ask yourself will this upset the bride and groom. If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t do it.”

“You could have a Michelin chef cooking for everyone and some people would still complain,” she said. “Just focus on what’s good about the wedding, like getting to celebrate with friends and family.”

Don’t monopolize the bride and groom

“Cocktail hour is a great time to spend two minutes with the couple,” Pease said. “Don’t track them down and try to spend 30 minutes catching up. If they did that with all 200 of their guests, they’d run out of time.”

“The best thing to do is say a quick congratulations,” she said. “You can always schedule a phone call or lunch with the bride or groom for later.”

Don’t get too aggressive with the bouquet toss

“You’ve either got a wedding full of single girls or possibly some divorcees,” Pease said, “but either way emotions can run high if you think about it as a literal sign for who’s getting married next. I like when there’s an alliance to flip it to a girl who really wants it.”

“If guys want to get in on the action, by all means go for it,” she added. “Just be gentle. Don’t tackle anyone. It’s not a contact sport.”

Don’t buy a gift the couple didn’t put on their registry

“Going off registry is always a contentious subject,” Pease said. “Some people think an off-registry gift is more personal or heartfelt. But honest to God, people really just want the stuff on their registry. That’s why they picked it.”

“But if you do choose to go off registry, cash is a better option than an alternate gift,” she told us. “I prefer cash gifts where the giver says, ‘Here’s x-number of dollars for a helicopter ride in Hawaii, close to where you’re honeymooning,’ or ‘Here’s something to put toward your new mortgage.’ Something like that to give the money a purpose.”

Don’t steal souvenirs from the wedding decorations

“Always check with the venue before you grab anything,” Pease advised. “Don’t ask the bride and groom, but you can ask a waiter or a wedding planner.”

“Sometimes, depending on something like an agreement with a florist, you can take the whole centerpiece,” she said. “Other times, the vases are rentals or the flowers are being donated to a local hospital the next morning. It’s always best to check.”

Christina Whitney of Whitney Events Review


Christina Whitney of Whitney Events reviews a tasting she attended with clients John and Judy who were selecting a menu for their wedding.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for having myself, Judy and John at your tasting Tuesday.  It was a very enjoyable experience and they were so incredibly happy when we left.   I can do nothing but rave about your food.  I have been to several tastings this year and you definitely have surpassed all them with the quality and presentation of your menu items.  Kudos to your chef.  I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Relish.” 

Wedding Wednesdays: One- Bite Wonders

With cocktails in hand, one- bite hors d’oeuvres can be a convenient way to offer your guests a flavorful punch during cocktail hour. Take a look at the creative one- bite wonders Relish has created at past weddings:

~Neuske Bacon Wrapped Date and Parsley
with Crushed Almond and Blue Cheese Dollop

~Tuna Ceviche in Coconut Milk and Lime Juice
with Jalapeños, Shallots and Basil on Tasting spoon

~Classic Turkey Meat Ball with Tomato and Parmesan
on Crispy Spaghetti rounds

~Shiso and Miso Crusted Tuna Medallion

~Griddled Corn Cake
with Poached Cherry Tomato and Carrot Chip

~Thai Chicken Salad
with Green Papaya in Cucumber Cup

~Crisp Taro Chip Round
with Avocado Tartar

~Roasted Sweet Summer Corn Relish
in a Cucumber Cup

~Peruvian Duck Ceviche
with Toasted Corn Serve on White Spoon

~Butternut squash Toasted Parmesan Square

~Summer Beet and Goat Cheese Foam Bite

~Truffle Macaroni and Cheese
with Cheddar, Parmesan and Béchamel

~Quinoa Croquette with Sriracha Emulsion


and one-bite desserts…

~Butter Scotch Ice Pudding
with Candied Walnut in Petit Ramekin

~Coffee Pudding and Coco Nibble
in Miniature Coffee Cup

~Double Fudge Brownie Bite
with Miniature Milk Shake Shot

~Long Stem Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
dusted with Pop Rock Candy

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212-228-1672 |  Events@RelishCaterers.comRelishCaterers.com

Wedding Wednesdays: Seasonal Specialty Drinks

Signature drinks have been on the wedding scene for years now. If you or your fiance do not have one particular drink that you would want to be your signature, consider offering a refreshing seasonal specialty cocktail to your guests. Relish uses the best flavors of the season in cocktails that are sure to set the tone for your wedding reception. Check out the summer specialty cocktails Relish has served at past weddings:

Coconut Vodka, Prosecco, Orange Juice

Peach Tom Collins
Peach Vodka, Club Soda, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Peaches

Vanilla Pear Cocktail
Vodka, Pear Juice, Vanilla Bean, Sugar

Mango + Plum Sweet Tea
Bourbon, Sweet Tea Vodka, Iced Tea, Orange Juice, Plum, Mango

Cucumber-Mint Cocktail
Melon Liqueur, Ginger Liqueur, Cucumber, Mint Leaf, Club Soda

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Wedding Wednesdays: Late-Night Treats

Late- night snacks are a great way to keep your guests’ satisfied. This menu, is your opportunity to have some fun. American classics, fatty late-night favorites, and childhood treats, are all late-night snack favorites! Check out some of the tasty late-night treats Relish served at weddings in the past:

The Elvis
An “Elvis Special” Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Slices with Crisp Bacon on Potato Bread

Baby Ruben
Homemade Sauerkraut

Crispy Chicken “Nuggets”
Parmesan Crusted with Burrata on Focaccia Brulee, Spiced Pomodoro in Colorful Paper Cones

Traditional Beef Slider
Bourson + Bacon, Potato Bun with Truffle Shoestring Fries and Relish “58” Ketchup

Bacon Bowl
Apple wood Smoked Bacon Bowl filled with Creamy Bacon Macaroni and Cheese, Toasted Bread Crumb


Looking for the perfect late-night snacks at your wedding reception?
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Hot Event Colors Spring/Summer 2014

Lavender & Mint

The elegance of lavender and mint are cool and soft way to incorporate color into your next event. Think of adding a pop of deeper color to increase the intensity of this palate.


I just love how these colors come across as soft and airy. But it’s also great how you can increase the intensity here and there by adding a pop of deeper color! For instance, what’s not to love about those dreamy mint bridesmaid gowns and the way that those beautiful bouquets contrast and pop! So what do you think? Are you seeing the possibilities for this spring inspired palette? – See more at: http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2013/01/party-palette-shades-of-mint-lavender.html#sthash.GVgHHWeH.dpuf

Wedding Wednesdays: Approachable Elegance

Weddings are becoming more laid back affairs than had been in the past. Often it is difficult to find the right balance of comfort and elegance on the big day. Approachable elegance is a service style that helps put the couple and their guests at ease, while still feeling lavish. At Relish, we achieve approachable elegance by creating lush and visually appealing buffets. Check out some of the buffets we have established in the past:


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Hot Event Colors Spring/Summer 2014

Combining warm vibrant tones of the season with soft cool tones can give your event a pop without being loud or basic. Our favorite color combination for achieving this look throughout your event are…


 The bright tomato and fuchsia will be the perfect accents against the cool summery blues and greens offered in the royal and sea spray. The great part of this palate is that it is not limited to a particular style, theme, or type of event. This palate is versatile and appealing to the masses without appearing impersonal.


Wedding Wednesday: Spicy Menus

The days of bland, universally tolerable, wedding food are long in the past. Spicy and flavor packed menu items are an emerging trends in weddings during 2014. Check out the items Relish has served to hungry wedding guests that were on trend this year:

Roasted Parsnip Wasabi Cream with Kohlrabi Coleslaw

Jerk Shrimp with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco

Jicama Slaw and Red Jalapeño Tartar Sauce

Tuna Ceviche in Coconut Milk and Lime Juice, Jalapeños, Shallots and Basil on Tasting Spoon

Crispy Lollipop Chicken Wing in Lime Chile Dipping Sauce

Ground Turkey Empanada with Spiced Curry and Tomato Jam


Thinking of offering a menu with a kick at your wedding reception?
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