Outdoor Entertaining: Flower Domes


This centerpiece gives a bold statement, but it is quite simple to assemble.

What you’ll need:

A cake stand
A foam ball (The size will vary depending on how large your cake stand is. Make sure the foam ball is large enough to cover most of the stand, leaving only about 2 inches from the rim of the stand.)
Long stem flowers (your choice of color and type of flower)

What you’ll need to do:

Slightly cut the foam ball flat on one side so it can sit on the cake stand without moving around
Soak the foam ball in water for two hours
After 2 hours, remove your soaked foam ball
Cut your flower’s stems so they are about 2 inches long
Insert your flowers into the foam
Once entire ball is covered (excluding the flat side), place the ball onto a cake stand
Place your cake stand in the center of your table


Try using vivid colors for summer celebrations!

Hot Event Colors Spring/Summer 2014

Lavender & Mint

The elegance of lavender and mint are cool and soft way to incorporate color into your next event. Think of adding a pop of deeper color to increase the intensity of this palate.


I just love how these colors come across as soft and airy. But it’s also great how you can increase the intensity here and there by adding a pop of deeper color! For instance, what’s not to love about those dreamy mint bridesmaid gowns and the way that those beautiful bouquets contrast and pop! So what do you think? Are you seeing the possibilities for this spring inspired palette? – See more at: http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2013/01/party-palette-shades-of-mint-lavender.html#sthash.GVgHHWeH.dpuf

Outdoor Entertaining: Unique Table Coverings


Tired of using the same table covering for every outdoor gathering you have? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a new table covering each time you have guests over? Relish found an affordable solution,  OilCloth.com. This site offers a great variety of swatches you can order by the yard to cover your table for summer festivities. There are a variety of traditional, seasonal, and bold patterns to choose from on their site.


Hot Event Colors Spring/Summer 2014

Combining warm vibrant tones of the season with soft cool tones can give your event a pop without being loud or basic. Our favorite color combination for achieving this look throughout your event are…


 The bright tomato and fuchsia will be the perfect accents against the cool summery blues and greens offered in the royal and sea spray. The great part of this palate is that it is not limited to a particular style, theme, or type of event. This palate is versatile and appealing to the masses without appearing impersonal.


Outdoor Entertaining: Upcycled Decor


Upcycled tin cans or coffee cans can make a great rustic centerpiece for your outdoor gatherings. Make sure you purchase your favorite color paint that will stick to metal. Wash each can and sand the edge before giving it a coat of paint. You can use these cans to hold flowers, utensils, or candles throughout your backyard or patio.

Give this decor tip a try at your next outdoor gathering!


Outdoor Entertaining: Citrus Place Cards



Using citrus fruits as place cards can be a fun and organic way to incorporate the season’s colors into your tabletop. This decor option is super easy and inexpensive because the fruit will not go to waste, since you will not eat the skin.
If you do not like the idea of taking a marker to your fruit, use tooth picks to create a small sign on each fruit.
Give it a try at your next outdoor gathering!

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Hot Event Colors Spring/Summer 2014


Yellow and gray are nontraditional, fun, bright, cheery, and look surprisingly romantic together. This palate is just catching on in popularity. Do not be afraid to use such bright colors at your event, it is all about the balance. The cool gray tones compliment each bright sunshine cheer of the yellows perfectly. If you are looking for a youthful energetic feel for your event, why not consider this palate?



Pictures from The Perfect Palate.