Holiday Centerpieces

Here are some playful and elegant holiday  center pieces and table top ideas for the celebratory weeks to come!

centerpiece green

Create a winter wonderland in the center of your table. Place a minature shrub or tree in the center of your table. Cover the pot with a piece of brown paper and a ribbon. Lay faux snow around the pot of the plant and sprinkle some onto the leaves of the plant. (Buy the snow that has a bit of sparkle already built in to catch your guests’ eyes!) Lastly, place a glass dome over your mini winter wonderland.

centerpiece red

Have some old garland or ornaments away in storage? Fill a festive bowl filled with various ornaments and garland in one color make an elegant centerpiece for any holiday. This centerpiece not limited to Christmas. You could fill your bowl with blue, gold, white, or silver ornaments for a wintery chic look.

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

thanksgiving decor 1

Cranberry Flowers: this This simple and sweet centerpiece will not get in the way of dinner or conversation. Simply lay a table runner in the center of your table, place three cognac glasses on top of the runner, fill the glasses with cranberries to the rim, and place one flower on top of the glass. Try to pick a flower that is full in appearance to cover the entire top of the glass. Try a Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Phlox, Queen Ann’s Lace, or Statice, all of which are in season.


thanksgiving decor 2

Turkey Leg: This playful turkey leg is perfect for letting the kids know where to sit at the kid’s table! Using a brown paper bag, push in the bottom corners twisting the bag into desired shape. Use carstock to create the “bone” and precut letters to spell out each guest’s name. You can fill these “legs” with newspaper, popcorn, or candy!


thanksgiving decor 3

Organic Napkins: This simple napkin display also doubles as a place setting. Place the wheat onto your rolled napkin, tie it together with twine (wrap it at least 2 times to keep the pinch). Before you tie a knot with your twine, attach a name charm.

You can also replace the wheat with mini ears of dried Indian corn for a more colorful display.

thanksgiving decor 4

Source: Wheat:


thanksgiving decor 5

Printed Leaf: Love your napkin rings and want to show them off this thanksgiving? Add a bit of an earthy tone to them by inserting a leaf with your guests’ names written on it with a white paint pen.


Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Why not go organic and use some of the beautiful fruits of nature in your home this autumn? Here are a few centerpiece ideas that will bring nature and you home into perfect harmony, while impressing your guests.

organic centerpiece 1

If you are for a simple centerpiece that offers some depth and texture, here it is! Only one simple step to this centerpiece, fill your cylindrical glass with various small pumpkins, gorges, and a few artificial leaves. Make sure to clean the gorges and pumpkins before pilling them in the container.

organic centerpiece 2

This simple centerpiece will bring warmth to any table. Place a candle on a dish. You could use brown (like the picture) or you could mix it up and use some earthy oranges or blues. Make sure to use a candle that is at least 6 inches wide and similar in height to your Indian dried corn. Have a friend (or two) hold the Indian dried corn against your candle as you carefully wrap twine around the corn. Wrap the twine at least three times around the corns. Before you finish, make sure the twine is in the center of the corns and finish it off with a bow.

organic centerpiece 3

A few of these mini pumpkin candles would make a great centerpiece for any fall event. There are many ways to ultimately have the centerpiece in the picture below, but we are going to share the simplest way to quickly make these for your next party. Measure the width and height of the tea lights you bought to place in your pumpkins. Break off the stem of your pumpkin. Trace a circle with the same diameter as your candles on the top of the pumpkin (where the stem once stood). Using the measurements you took earlier and a carving knife and spoon, gut out enough space for your tea light. When you are finished clearing a space for your light, pop one in and enjoy!

Easy At-Home Center Pieces

Check out these easy at home center pieces and table top ideas to add some warmth and comfort for those increasingly chilly nights. 

 at home center piece 1

This may be the best popcorn has ever looked! Lay a layer about 1 inch in height of un-popped popcorn in the bottom of a tall glass container. Next, lightly place a large mustard colored candle on top of the layer of corn. Continue to fill the container with the corn to the halfway mark. Slide a paper towel into the glass to move the corn into designs to avoid finger prints.

at home center piece 2

Use a variety of lively colored bowls you already own to create this elegant budget friendly centerpiece. Simply fill the bowls with cranberries and insert a matching or complimenting scented candle ( try citrusy orange).

Independence Day: Colorful Bubbly Refreshments

Having festive drink options for your guests can take your party up a notch. Our favorite way to do this is using Jones’ sodas and fun customizable drink wrappers, check it out!

Jones Soda offers a variety of unique flavors in funky colors. For the fourth of July, we think the following would great options:


To find the nearest distributor near you, visit Jones’ website.

Decorate the sodas with Fourth of July labels like these from ABitCreativeAMP:


You are all set to celebrate in style!


Party Poppers

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Today we have a cute project for celebration, Homemade Party Popper!

What you’ll need:

  • tissue paper
  • push pops
  • cardstock paper
  • confetti
  • tape

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Cut a piece of heavy paper into a 6” by 1 ½” strip. Roll the piece of paper into a tube and place it inside the push up pop.
  2. Stuff your push up pop, as full as you can, with various confetti.
  3. Cut a 4” square of tissue paper and tape it to the top of the push up pop.
  4. Wrap decorative paper around the outside of the push up pop. Tape it securely in to the push up pop in the back.



Outdoor Entertaining: Flower Domes


This centerpiece gives a bold statement, but it is quite simple to assemble.

What you’ll need:

A cake stand
A foam ball (The size will vary depending on how large your cake stand is. Make sure the foam ball is large enough to cover most of the stand, leaving only about 2 inches from the rim of the stand.)
Long stem flowers (your choice of color and type of flower)

What you’ll need to do:

Slightly cut the foam ball flat on one side so it can sit on the cake stand without moving around
Soak the foam ball in water for two hours
After 2 hours, remove your soaked foam ball
Cut your flower’s stems so they are about 2 inches long
Insert your flowers into the foam
Once entire ball is covered (excluding the flat side), place the ball onto a cake stand
Place your cake stand in the center of your table


Try using vivid colors for summer celebrations!

Hot Event Colors Spring/Summer 2014

Lavender & Mint

The elegance of lavender and mint are cool and soft way to incorporate color into your next event. Think of adding a pop of deeper color to increase the intensity of this palate.


I just love how these colors come across as soft and airy. But it’s also great how you can increase the intensity here and there by adding a pop of deeper color! For instance, what’s not to love about those dreamy mint bridesmaid gowns and the way that those beautiful bouquets contrast and pop! So what do you think? Are you seeing the possibilities for this spring inspired palette? – See more at:

Outdoor Entertaining: Unique Table Coverings


Tired of using the same table covering for every outdoor gathering you have? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a new table covering each time you have guests over? Relish found an affordable solution, This site offers a great variety of swatches you can order by the yard to cover your table for summer festivities. There are a variety of traditional, seasonal, and bold patterns to choose from on their site.