“The Best Chicken I’ve Ever Had”

Check out Benjamin Robinson’s recipe for grilled chicken, as seen on Bravo!

The Recipe For “The Best Chicken I’ve Ever Had” on Below Deck, Episode #2

Just before the rain hit, I was preparing lunch in the cabana in Anguilla. The charter guests were hoping for perfect weather, and a tranquil lunch somewhere away from the yacht. It was a high pressure moment, because the skies broke about 20 minutes before they arrived, and the rain was belting down. The only option left was to dazzle them with food. This is the recipe, which they described as “the best grilled chicken they had ever had.”


First step, make the marinade. Mix the following in a big bowl.

A Splash of olive oil
A good squeeze of balsamic glaze (available in any reputable supermarket. Comes in a squeezy bottle.)
Dash of lemon juice
Sprinkle of oregano
Dollop of dijon mustard – preferrably Grey Poupon
Good pinch of cinammon
Salt and pepper

1) Add the chicken to the bowl and marinate it in the fridge for 2 hours. Make sure to cover the bowl with cling film.
2) Throw it onto a red hot grill to gain desired char.
3) Drop the temperature right down to low until cooked. The trick to tender chicken is to cook it slowly. That will retain the tenderness. But get a good char first. This takes about 20 minutes depending on cut and thickness.

TIP: I used an airline organic chicken breast from France. I would always recommend using organic whenever you can, particularly with poultry.

Chef Ben


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