Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

thanksgiving decor 1

Cranberry Flowers: this This simple and sweet centerpiece will not get in the way of dinner or conversation. Simply lay a table runner in the center of your table, place three cognac glasses on top of the runner, fill the glasses with cranberries to the rim, and place one flower on top of the glass. Try to pick a flower that is full in appearance to cover the entire top of the glass. Try a Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Phlox, Queen Ann’s Lace, or Statice, all of which are in season.


thanksgiving decor 2

Turkey Leg: This playful turkey leg is perfect for letting the kids know where to sit at the kid’s table! Using a brown paper bag, push in the bottom corners twisting the bag into desired shape. Use carstock to create the “bone” and precut letters to spell out each guest’s name. You can fill these “legs” with newspaper, popcorn, or candy!


thanksgiving decor 3

Organic Napkins: This simple napkin display also doubles as a place setting. Place the wheat onto your rolled napkin, tie it together with twine (wrap it at least 2 times to keep the pinch). Before you tie a knot with your twine, attach a name charm.

You can also replace the wheat with mini ears of dried Indian corn for a more colorful display.

thanksgiving decor 4

Source: Wheat:


thanksgiving decor 5

Printed Leaf: Love your napkin rings and want to show them off this thanksgiving? Add a bit of an earthy tone to them by inserting a leaf with your guests’ names written on it with a white paint pen.


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