Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Why not go organic and use some of the beautiful fruits of nature in your home this autumn? Here are a few centerpiece ideas that will bring nature and you home into perfect harmony, while impressing your guests.

organic centerpiece 1

If you are for a simple centerpiece that offers some depth and texture, here it is! Only one simple step to this centerpiece, fill your cylindrical glass with various small pumpkins, gorges, and a few artificial leaves. Make sure to clean the gorges and pumpkins before pilling them in the container.



organic centerpiece 2

This simple centerpiece will bring warmth to any table. Place a candle on a dish. You could use brown (like the picture) or you could mix it up and use some earthy oranges or blues. Make sure to use a candle that is at least 6 inches wide and similar in height to your Indian dried corn. Have a friend (or two) hold the Indian dried corn against your candle as you carefully wrap twine around the corn. Wrap the twine at least three times around the corns. Before you finish, make sure the twine is in the center of the corns and finish it off with a bow.


organic centerpiece 3

A few of these mini pumpkin candles would make a great centerpiece for any fall event. There are many ways to ultimately have the centerpiece in the picture below, but we are going to share the simplest way to quickly make these for your next party. Measure the width and height of the tea lights you bought to place in your pumpkins. Break off the stem of your pumpkin. Trace a circle with the same diameter as your candles on the top of the pumpkin (where the stem once stood). Using the measurements you took earlier and a carving knife and spoon, gut out enough space for your tea light. When you are finished clearing a space for your light, pop one in and enjoy!



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