How Should You Prepare for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters? provides tips for getting ready for this year’s Halloween trick-or-treaters.

You want your home to be scary this Halloween – but not for the wrong reasons! Start this Halloween off right by considering the safety of your visiting trick-or-treaters when making your preparations. By taking care of a few minor details around the outside of the home, you can help keep kids and parents safe during the holiday!

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– Keep walkways to the front door safe with no broken or uneven stepping stones, and remove clutter or debris that could cause someone to fall.

– Repair loose railings on outdoor steps to prevent an accidental fall.

– To make dark walkways safer all year long, illuminate with solar-powered lights.

– Don’t leave burning candles unattended indoors or outside. Try using small flashlights instead. If you’re hoping for some ambiance using lighting, try Halloween Themed Flashlight Covers.

– Keep your yard free of debris, branches, rocks, yard tools, toys or anything that could cause someone to slip, trip or fall. That gnome will enjoy a night inside for a change!

– Make sure the porch light is working and “on” if you’re giving away candy.

– Be sure to plan for your pet(s). Some animals may become frightened by the noise and costumes, and could bite or bolt through an opened door.

– Trim hedges and bushes so that anyone walking by can easily be seen.

– In addition to watching out for kids and parents on your property, you can also keep a watchful eye on those in your neighborhood. While greeting happy trick-or-treaters, be sure to observe any vehicles lurking around that aren’t with children and keep an eye out for older kids that may be harassing younger children with no escort.


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