Halloween Decor Ideas

Planning a Halloween party? Here are some unique ideas to impress your guests!

 halloween boney centerpiece

Boney Centerpiece: this center piece is inexpensive, creepy, and unique! Buy a small inexpensive hanging skelton. Make sure to tie a knot close to the skelton’s head and cut off the hook and excess string. Lay him in your clear bowl. Scatter some spider webs and plastic siders throughout. Remember to glue a few siders directly onto your skelton to make the insects look like they are climbing up him!

Source: http://www.brooklynlimestone.com/2008/11/happy-all-hallows.html#.UBrnbvaPUig

halloween elegance

Elegantly Spooky: Head to your local Thrift-store to find some inexpensive glasses with interesting designs within the glass. Get creative and make some designs with tape before you lay on your layer of black spray paint. Once the paint is completely dry, fill the cups with sand and place a small candle or tealight into each cup. This centerpiece could stand alone or be grouped together for a more dramatic look.

Source: http://www.bhg.com/halloween/indoor-decorating/quick-clever-halloween-centerpieces/#page=1

halloween utencils

Spruce up the untencils: why not add a bit of flare to your untencils? Wrap your untencils in your favorite halloween themed napkin and tie a ribbon around the center to hold it together. Make a small bow on the backside of the utensils. Slip a goody-bagged sized skelton, witch, or spider between your utencils and the nakin.

Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/17803360997482062/

halloween kid friendly

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Centerpieces: These centerpieces are a cute, safe, and easy way to srpuce up a child’s Halloween party. You can even have them help you make them! You will need toliet paper rolls, twine, black felt, and orange and green tissue paper. Lay two pieces of orange tissue paper ontop of one another. Place the toliet paper roll in the center of the paper. Roll the paper around the toliet paper and tuck the edges into the holes of the toilet paper roll. Fold one piece of green tissue paper into a a thin rectangle and push the middle into the top hole of the toliet paper roll. Pop some twine into the hole as desired. The final step is to create a face using the black felt and glue it onto the roll. Simple and kid friendly!

Source: http://onecharmingparty.com/category/halloween/page/2/


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