This World Food Day, Toast a Farmer!

worldfood day

This World Food Day we are celebrating family farmers for growing our food and for caring for the earth.

Join us in a toast to thank the farmers that work hard every day to ensure that our food is grown with care and is healthy for us to eat.

Post a picture of yourself with your glass raised and include a personalized toast as your status or tweet on Facebook or Twitter with #ToastAFarmer, #WFD2014.

You could also share any of the photos below of real family farmers with a personalized toast with #ToastAFarmer, #WFD2014.

So many ways for us to give our support to family farmers this World Food Day!

Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to read all of the toasts from across North America!

FAO_-_24772_078_-_Daniel_Hayduk.jpg   FAO_-_24651_0268_-_Giulio_Napolitano.jpg   FAO_-_24770_DSC8476_-_Hoang_Dinh_Nam.jpg

FAO_-_PO_PHI_03092014_FAO_1715_-_James_Belgrave.jpg   _AgProudRyan.jpg

Read Perspectives!

Why should we care about family farming? Can family farming really end hunger?

Read essays written by farmers, experts, and leaders in agriculture exploring the benefits of family farming to our health, the earth’s health and to society as a whole.

New selections featured daily starting September 15 through October 16.

Read today’s essays!

Attend or Host an Event

Want to take part in the fight to end hunger? Every year thousands of events are held to raise awareness about hunger. There are plenty of ways that you, your friends and your family can be part of the solution: Hunger walks, World Food Day dinners, Hunger Banquets, food packaging events, rallies, conferences, food drives, and more!  Find one near you or host one yourself.


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