5 Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Outside Of Breakfast



Gothamist.com reveal five unique ways to use Greek yogurt…aside from eating it for breakfast. Have you ever tried any of these?


Greek yogurt has taken over as the trendy dairy product du jour, and not without good reason. It’s high in protein, good for your digestion and will totally make a man of you. It can also be delicious, especially compared to the watered down cultured dairy we’ve endured in this country for far too long.

Slurping up the good stuff for breakfast does a body good, but if you’re looking to trim calories and saturated fat while adding more protein and calcium to your diet, you can sub in this creamy stuff in some unexpected areas. Just make sure you’re not using the odd fruit flavors.

Mayonnaise Substitution Greek yogurt has a much tangier flavor than traditional mayonnaise but when mixed into chicken salad or subbed into a sandwich you won’t notice too much of a difference. To offset the tang, try adding a little bit of salt or other dried spices to alter the flavor to be more mayo-like. Adding fresh herbs like chopped parsley, chives and tarragon gives it a nice fresh punch.

For those who dip their fries in mayo (no shame), try whipping the yogurt with a few teaspoons of olive oil, salt and something spicy like chilis in adobo or sriracha. Or make something akin to Thousand Island Dressing, which packs in tons of flavor without gloopy mayonnaise. This also works for Ranch and those other seasoning packet dips.

Likewise, substitute Greek yogurt for recipes calling for sour cream. They’ve both got a sour note, so the flavor profile should be similar. You may need to add a few drops of water to the yogurt to give it a thinner consistency.

Yogurt Cheese Okay just hear me out. I know nothing will ever come close to the Heaven Sent Dairy Product Dreams Are Made Of, but let’s be real: cheese has a gazillion calories and tons of saturated fat. It’s delicious, but not the greatest thing you can shove in your mouth hole. Strain Greek yogurt through a cheese cloth for a few hours so that it dumps most of its liquid. Then, combine it with salt, herbs, spices—whatever!—and you’ll have a product with a consistency similar to ricotta. Crumble it on salads, toss it in oil for a bread topper or use it to top a white pizza.

Pasta Sauce Eggy carbonaras and creamy alfredo sauces—it doesn’t get much better than that. Unless of course you’re watching your figure or don’t care for a heart attack. If you enjoy creamy pastas try swapping out the real stuff for strained Greek yogurt, which gives a similar mouthfeel to bechamel-type sauces. We’re inspired by Diane Kochilas’s Pasta with Yogurt and Caramelized Onions, which balances the tangy yogurt with sweet, smokey onions. You could embrace the tang, especially for a light summer pasta. Try capers, olives and lemon juice or thyme and grilled chicken.

Yogurt Pops There’s always the option of everybody’s favorite parfait but that just sits too close to “healthy breakfast” for our tastes. Once the mercury inches a few millimeters up the thermometer try making yogurt pops, which are kind of like popsicles only, ya know, with yogurt. It’s fun because you’re eating something sweet and frozen but also good for you, with lots of fiber and calcium. Better yet, Jamie Oliver’s recipe clocks in at just under 100 calories a pop.

Face Masks Our Polar Vortex-ravaged skin could use a little extra dose of nutrients and moisture and you don’t have to spend all your money at Sephora to make it happen. A simple face mask made with yogurt and raw honey is all you need; just mix two parts yogurt with one part raw honey, spread it onto your skin for ten minutes or so, then rinse. Yogurt’s moisturizing properties are bolstered by lactic acid, which acts as an exfoliant without further irritating dry skin. Honey is like a kind of natural miracle serum, with antimicrobial powers and the ability to lock moisture into the skin.


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