Wedding Wednesday: Spicy Menus

The days of bland, universally tolerable, wedding food are long in the past. Spicy and flavor packed menu items are an emerging trends in weddings during 2014. Check out the items Relish has served to hungry wedding guests that were on trend this year:

Roasted Parsnip Wasabi Cream with Kohlrabi Coleslaw

Jerk Shrimp with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco

Jicama Slaw and Red Jalapeño Tartar Sauce

Tuna Ceviche in Coconut Milk and Lime Juice, Jalapeños, Shallots and Basil on Tasting Spoon

Crispy Lollipop Chicken Wing in Lime Chile Dipping Sauce

Ground Turkey Empanada with Spiced Curry and Tomato Jam


Thinking of offering a menu with a kick at your wedding reception?
Give Relish a call today to create the perfect menu for your perfect day!


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