Event Spotlight: FOX Upfront


Monday, May 12th was a beautiful spring night to host a party in Central Park. The 2,500 attendees of the FOX Upfront after party were in for a real treat.  Clients dined on an abundant selection of Global Food Stations, from a Contemporary American Short Rib station, to the Asian station, to the Islands Caribbean station, and the Comfort Italian station.

The “Late Night” menu kicked into gear at 9pm and featured lots of yummy treats such as an Apple wood Smoked Bacon Bowl filled with creamy Bacon Macaroni and Cheese and toasted bread crumb, Grown Up Parmesan Crusted “Chicken Nuggets” with Burrata and Spiced Pomodoro, and the “Elvis Special”, Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Slices with Crisp Bacon on Potato Bread.

The biggest hit of the night was out 36′ long Dessert Bar featuring 10 types of Artisan Puddings, 5 varieties of Ice Cream Sliders, and 10 types of  Specialty Alcohol Spiked Cupcakes.

FoxSavory Fox2FoxSweets



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