Cutting Edge Event Trends

Looking for the latest and most exciting event trends? Relish Caterers works to incorporate the hottest trends in the industry in each event in NYC. Throughout the month we are going to share the newest developing trends that are sure impress guests at any type of event.

Projection Mapping

Using projection mapping to completely immerse your guests in an event experience creates a huge impact on your event space, the event’s feel, and your guest’s memories. Using video projection mapping, you can literally turn any surface into a screen. Displaying a projection on a 3d surface gives a unique depth and impact that is hard to achieve on a flat surface.

Additionally, this technology could be used to create a completely immersive experience for your guests. Planning a spring event inside? Why not project a slowly moving sky onto the ceiling of your event space? The options are endless! If you can dream it, you can transport your guests there without major alterations to your event space.

Still not sol on the full potential of projection mapping? Check this projection for the movie, The Tourist


What do you think of this emerging trend?


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